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Sean at Chance Theater Poughkeepsie NY 2015

Sean with King's X 2015

Sean with King’s X 2015

Sean seen at meet-n-greet with King’s X  after their concert in Poughkeepsie NY on Thursday.  This band is legendary and one of Sean’s musical idols.

After seeing them open for Cheap Trick around 1987 in Portales, NM, and meeting them after, he’s been a fan every since.  Sean was with the activities board at the university that booked them and other acts in the sports arena that year.

Stub 09-17-2015Last Thursday’s show was just as thrilling as when he saw them that first time – maybe even more so given the size of the Chance Theater and getting to be in the front row.   The opener, Kings of Spade, were a real treat and gave a great show as well.


Original Artwork by Steven

Sean with Poster

Gift from Steven Pennella

Sean recently had a big birthday celebration, and his good friend, Steven Pennella, created this original poster as a gift.

Sean and Steven met in 1996 both working on graphics at a consulting firm.  Steven has created some of Sean’s most recognized art work, including the “eyes-in-space” Sean And The Time Travelers logo.

More about Steven Pennella and his comics can be found at Thought And Vision, and on social media at Facebook / Thought And Vision Artwork By Steven.

Damaged Freight at Fast Eddies 06-26-2015

damaged_freight_cutout_with_logo_bgThe Danbury CT area’s largest classic rock band, Damaged Freight, is rocking the house at Fast Eddies in New Milford on Friday June 26th, 2015.  Music starts at 10pm, but come earlier for craft beers and get a pool table.  Cue sports aficionados know that Fast Eddies is the place to play and hang out in New Milford.

Damaged Freight is fronted by Sean Nick.  Sarah and Steve hold down the keyboard duties.  Ron and Steve are on guitar.  The rhythm section is comprised of Pete on bass, and madman Ray on drums.

Facebook users should like the band’s page here –, and can join the event here –

Rock on!

Sweet Redemption at O’Brien’s Pub Danbury 03-21-2015

sweet_redemption_at_obriens_danbury_03-21-2015Spring is here! While there is still snow, it is melting fast due to the scorching rock by Rocco’s other band, Sweet Redemption! Besides playing guitar for the classic rock band, Damaged Freight, Rocco plays bass for Sweet Redemption, fronted by vocalist Laura, and lead guitarist Gideon. They play rockin’ bar-band favorites and it’s always a good time.

O’Brien’s Pub is located at 83 Lake Ave, Danbury, CT.


Sean and Lisa at River Bistro 01-07-2015

Charm City ExilesWant to check out some of Lisa‘s original songs? Well, can do that tonight, January 8th, 2015, at The River Bistro in New Milford, Conn. Sean will be playing a couple tunes, also, as well as other area performers.

Located at  300 Kent Road, New Milford, CT 06776.  Hosting tonight as always is Chris Ellis’ Thursday Night Open Mic. Music starts ~7:30pm.

Charm City Exiles at Widow Brown’s 11-7-2014

Charm City Exiles 11-7-2014

Charm City Exiles 11-7-2014

Just announced – Charm City Exiles playing Widow Browns Cafe this Friday, November 7th, 10pm-1am. Come hear Lisa, Dennis and Sean play their eclectic mix of rock, country, folk, indie, punk, surf, and whatever else catches our interest. Window Brown’s is a fun place to have beers and hear live music.

Widow Brown’s Cafe, 128 Federal Road, Danbury, CT.



Damaged Freight at Stella Blues October 2014

Stella Blues Bar - New Haven CT

Stella Blues – New Haven

Rocktober continues with classic rock at one of New Haven’s best music spots!

Stella Blues in the heart of downtown New Haven and have live music most nights and craft beers. They even have what’s on tap listed on their website –

Cap off the weekend with Damaged Freight as they play that deep-track goodness.  Show date is Sunday 10/26/2014 and music starts at 9:30 sharp.

Stella Blues Bar, 204 Crown Street, New Haven, CT 06510. 203-752-9764.

Sean Rocking With Toybox Circa 1987

Sean Rocking with Toybox Circa 1987

Sean Rocking with Toybox Circa 1987

Here’s a snapshot from the wayback machine – Sean rocking with cover band Toybox, based out of Portales, NM, circa 1987.  Toybox evolved from Paul Saiz’s band, Triaxx, based nearby out of Clovis, NM.  The group was on a Southwest club circuit that spanned from West Texas through Eastern Arizona. Photo: Rob O.

Charm City Exiles TheRoomCT 10-16-2014

The Room CT - Brookfield, CT

The Room CT – Brookfield, CT

It’s Americana / Acoustic night at this Thursday, October 16th, 2014! Doors 6pm.

Charm City Exiles is leading off the evening for out-of-town group Traveling Broke And Out Of Gas.  This is a rare all-ages show for Charm City Exiles.   Charm City Exiles is based out of Brookfield, CT and plays straight-up rock with a twist of Americana – so this event is perfect!

The Room was founded in 2009 by Vern Nickerson. Check out this article here.

Tickets are $8 in advance (at, or $12 at the door.

Damaged Freight Thursday 09-25-2014

Fast Eddies Billiards Cafe

Fast Eddies Billiards Cafe

This Thursday, 09/25/2014, head on over to New Milford, Connecticut, to catch a special appearance of Damaged Freight at Fast Eddies Billiards Cafe.  Music begins 8:30pm and features local talent from the area.  Join Sean and the gang at this nightspot for music, brews and fun.