We Were Born For This – Charm City Exiles 4-29-16

Charm City Exiles was born for a lot of things, including rocking Widow Brown’s on Friday, April 29th.  It’s not like we’re the French trashing Britain in the 1400s.  We’re just 3 neighbors, two of which from Baltimore, who want to rock out.  To paraphrase Joan of Arc, “We Are Not Afraid; We Were Born For This!”

But if you are into things French, there’s French fries, French Dip, and Soup Du Jour.  It’s practically French cuisine.  And, they have a great beer selection which you can check out here!  Actually, the French Dip was created in Los Angeles, but that is a whole other story.

Charm City Exiles – Straight-up Rock
Friday, 4/29/2016 10pm-2am
Widow Browns Cafe, 128 Federal Road, Danbury, CT, 06811.

Event URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/588363504673496/

Who Loves the Charm City Exiles?

Do You Love The Charm City Exiles?

It’s easy to focus on the limousines, the paparazzi, all the fame, and the electric guitars, but do you really love the Charm City Exiles? Deep down, Lisa, Dennis and Sean just want your love!

So bring you and your lover this Friday, February 12th, 2016, to hear Danbury’s favorite straight-up rock trio, the Charm City Exiles, at Widow Brown’s.  Downbeat is at 10pm, and going till late in the night.  Come earlier for food and drinks.

Widow Browns is located at 128 Federal Road, Danbury, CT 06811.

Join the Facebook event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1516543641980076/

Sean and Q and Everything

Sean & Q at Widow Brown's
Sean & Q at Widow Brown’s

Besides checking out the football game, patrons at Widow Brown’s Sunday got to hear Sean and Q play some tunes together, including Sean’s 90s-era video hit Everything, a cover of Remedy, and an acoustic rendition of Mr. Moto.

Q hosts open-mic nights around the Danbury area, and Sunday night at Widow Brown’s has been a staple for years.  Q also hosted other open-mic nights at O’Connor’s in Brookfield, and just started a new night at Bluu.  Besides accompanying performers at open-mic nights, Q has also played percussion – his custom standing setup – for area acts like Peter Herger and Whiskey Preacher, among others.

If looking for live music and or local performers on a weeknight in the area, click here.


Sean at Chance Theater Poughkeepsie NY 2015

Sean with King's X 2015
Sean with King’s X 2015

Sean seen at meet-n-greet with King’s X  after their concert in Poughkeepsie NY on Thursday.  This band is legendary and one of Sean’s musical idols.

After seeing them open for Cheap Trick around 1987 in Portales, NM, and meeting them after, he’s been a fan every since.  Sean was with the activities board at the university that booked them and other acts in the sports arena that year.

Stub 09-17-2015Last Thursday’s show was just as thrilling as when he saw them that first time – maybe even more so given the size of the Chance Theater and getting to be in the front row.   The opener, Kings of Spade, were a real treat and gave a great show as well.


Original Artwork by Steven

Sean with Poster
Gift from Steven Pennella

Sean recently had a big birthday celebration, and his good friend, Steven Pennella, created this original poster as a gift.

Sean and Steven met in 1996 both working on graphics at a consulting firm.  Steven has created some of Sean’s most recognized art work, including the “eyes-in-space” Sean And The Time Travelers logo.

More about Steven Pennella and his comics can be found at Thought And Vision, and on social media at Facebook / Thought And Vision Artwork By Steven.